Wellness Coaching

What Is A Wellness Coach?

There isn’t (as far as I know) a single official definition of the role of Wellness Coach. But, what I do know is that it’s a role that can vary widely in what it offers. It’s why I’ve included this section to provide answers to frequently asked questions on what wellness coaching is, what to expect from a wellness coach and of course what that means for you when you work with me.

What Qualifications Does a Wellness Coach Have?

Qualifications for a wellness coach do vary and there are some coaches who may not have any formal qualifications at all.

There are specific wellness coach qualifications that are available. But, you may find that your wellness coach has a professional qualification in another health or wellness field such as nutrition, and may also have studied for a life coaching qualification.

As a wellness coach I have an extensive background in health and wellness. I originally trained as a nurse and went on to develop a career in occupational health and wellness (workplace wellness). I’m also an Animas Accredited Transformational Coach, holding a diploma in Transformational Coaching.

As a professional wellness coach I continue to develop my coaching skills through Continual Professional Development and through self-study of current health and wellness trends and research.

What Does a Wellness Coach Do?

First things first, you don’t have to be unwell to work with a wellness coach! As with other types of coaching such as life coaching or career coaching, working with a wellness coach is about helping you to discover what works for you, motivating you and empowering you to make a positive life change.

As a wellness coach I’ll use my knowledge and the information that you share with me, to help you identify and implement sustainable personal wellness goals. They’ll be goals that form part of your personal long term wellness strategy for improving your wellbeing.

As a wellness coach I’ll work with you on your journey, toward the optimal physical, emotional and spiritual wellness that’s right for you.

It’s also a collaborative relationship which may also involve further collaboration with other professionals such as a dietitian, nutritionist or personal fitness trainer.

How Can Working With a Wellness Coach Help Me?

Each of us is unique when it comes to what we need help with, and what wellness concerns we may have. Likewise, a wellness coach may have an area of wellness that they specialise in. For example, it may be that you want to focus on nutrition, improving how and what you eat.

As a wellness coach I work with people who want to change their behaviour, and their lifestyle to work toward optimal wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Wellness for me is holistic and much of my work as a wellness coach is based on ground-breaking research and work done by people like Michael Arloski. His 10 Tenets of Wellness are influential in how I’ll work with you.

So, when you work with me we’ll take a holistic approach to wellness coaching. It’s an opportunity to embrace caring about you and being kind to yourself, exploring how to live a high wellness life at work, at rest and at play.

You don’t have to be perfect to be well. Transformational Wellness Coaching is about evoking change and transformation in you, learning to exchange your negative habits for positive behaviours.

What Should I Expect When I Work With a Wellness Coach?

Working with a wellness coach is a highly personal experience and the emphasis is on positive steps toward long term lifestyle change. Each wellness coach will have their own approach in how they work but however they work you should feel safe and supported. When you work with me as your wellness coach we’ll explore:

What’s important to you and what your current situation is when it comes to your overall wellness.

What you’re looking for help with and what you want to achieve.

We’ll work together to create personal wellness strategy for you.


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