Transformational Coaching

1-2-1 TRANSFORMATIONAL coaching for women

Transformation. A journey of change…

Not everyone is familiar with coaching and even less with transformational coaching! There are after all many different types of coaching including life, business and of course wellbeing coaching to help you to become ‘the best version of you’.

Essentially, coaching looks to the future and aims to help someone to move from where they are now to where they want to be, either in their personal or professional life or both. Unlike mentoring, it isn’t usually directional in its approach.

With people taking more interest in how they live their lives, it’s no surprise then that in the last ten years or so, engaging with a coach is now more accessible.

What is Transformational Coaching?


Focus on change within you, your life, or both.


Transformation through a journey of self-exploration and discovery. 


Challenge your self-limiting beliefs and negative habits

Transformational Coaching focuses on bringing about change, It’s like opening a metaphorical door for you to be able to realise and optimise your potential.

A transformational coach provides the support you need to do that, but the responsibility for change rests with you. It’s a style of coaching that supports your journey of self-exploration and discovery.

Transformational coaching seeks to bring about increased awareness of a person’s model of the world in order to create new possibilities for how one sees oneself, other people and the world.”

Animas, London

In supporting you, your transformational coach should actively listen to you, ask you questions and provide space for you to explore and think through ideas and thoughts. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? But, it takes knowledge and skill to master!

Think of Transformational Coaching as a structured conversation. One that may challenge your own limiting beliefs and recurring negative behaviours or habits, and has the power to transform your life.

What Should You Expect From Transformational Coaching?


The time and space to connect with yourself and your emotions.


Explore your thoughts and feelings and what’s at the root of them.


Set personal goals for change to create a life that feels right for you.

You might find that there’s a lot of silence in your coaching session! Don’t worry, silence is an important part of transformational coaching. It provides the time and space to connect with your emotions, to gain perspective. And in doing that you’ll emerge with a deeper understanding of what you want and how to get it.

An experienced coach may also, with your permission, use other non-directional coaching methods to explore your thoughts and feelings. It’s an opportunity for you to explore how you interpret and respond to events and how your thoughts and reactions may be holding you back.

Finding Clarity and Perspective

Ultimately transformational coaching provides an opportunity to explore your self-identity, gaining clarity, perspective and insights to work toward change. You have the opportunity to discover how to unlock your full potential. And, engaging in Transformational Coaching is a collaborative process where you’ll be able to:

  • Ask yourself what’s the change that you want to make?
  • Learn and grow as you explore your own identity.
  • Consider things from a different perspective.
  • Set personal goals, committing to creating the life that you truly desire.

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Finding a Transformational Coach


Finding a transformational coach that feels right for you is essential.


The coaching experience should help you to move forward. 


Coaching focuses on you, and your vision of where you want to be. 

Finding someone to work with, and who feels right for you, is essential. Most coaches offer a short discovery call to explore what you want and to see if you are a good fit for each other.

Over and above establishing rapport, working with a transformational coach should enable you to feel like the experience is positive and rewarding. It’s essential in being able to move forward with the changes that you desire.

Here are the qualities that you should expect from me as your transformational coach. When I work with you I will be:

  • Reliable and Professional
  • Honest and Open
  • Authentic
  • Intuitive and Present during coaching
  • Positive and Encouraging
  • Wholly focused on you
  • Collaborative, Curious and Inquisitive
  • Empathetic