Re-Ignite Coaching Programme

This burnout coaching programme is specifically designed for high achieving professionals like you. An intensive 12 week programme helping you to break free from burnout and re-ignite your life and your career .

Coaching 1-2-1 with you, I’ll help you to create personal strategies and healing habits to help you feel your best and live your best. It’s your time to reclaim your health, vitality and passion for what you do, or what you would love to do.

This innovative coaching programme helps you to focus on you and dig deep so that you can:

  • Recognise and acknowledge how burnout is affecting you.
  • Get clarity and perspective on how to recover, recharge, and rebuild your career.
  • Explore how to put in place your personal strategy to ‘take a break’ and recover from burnout in a way that feels right for you.
  • Develop personal strategies and tools to prevent burnout happening again and keep the focus on you and your needs.
  • Create positive habits that can help you to successfully navigate potential ‘trigger situations’ for burnout.

How We’ll Work Together:

  • The programme is currently delivered 1-2-1 online using Zoom and Skype.
  • You’ll work with me from the comfort and safety of your own private space whilst also being fully supported

Are You Ready?

Being ready for this intensive burnout coaching programme means having courage. The courage to break free from burnout and re-ignite your life and your career.. And, I’ll be with you, supporting you each step of the way on your journey.

So, if you’re ready and are interested in finding out more about my 12 week Re-Ignite Coaching Programme book your ‘Re-Ignite’ call with me.

During our 30 minute call I’ll share with you more details about the programme and the next steps to re-igniting your life and your career.


  • Pre-Coaching Preparation

    ‘Pre-Programme’ work to prepare for burnout coaching, exploring what has brought you to this point. It includes a lifestyle assessment of your current health and wellbeing, providing a visual reality check of where you are now, and how burnout is impacting you.

  • 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

    Weekly 1-2-1 90 minute online coaching session over 12 weeks.

  • Re-Enforcement

    Helping you keep on track with the changes that you want to make. The programme includes a one hour monthly accountability call for 6 months after the completion of your programme, helping you to reflect on challenges and successes. You’ll also have an end of programme lifestyle assessment.

  • Supporting Notes

    Supporting notes and workbook for each coaching session

  • E-Mail Support

    E-mail support during your programme.


The investment for ‘Re-Ignite’ is £3750. Payment Plan options are available at no extra cost.

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