3 Steps To Clarity Programme

3 Steps To Clarity Programme

3 hours dedicated to you to invest in you away from the distractions of life, work or business. An opportunity to gain clarity and perspective on what your personal vision is, what your personal goals are and how you can achieve them.

  • Align Your Vision and Personal Goals

    We work together to put a ‘Personal Clarity Plan’ or ‘Personal Wellness Clarity Plan’ in place to align with your vision and personal goals.

  • Half Day or One Hour Sessions

    The 3 Steps to Clarity Programme can be taken as a half day intensive or taken as 3 one hour sessions.

  • Online

    Both options are also available online.

  • In Person

    Taken as an intensive 3 hours, the programme is also available ‘in person’ in London and North Cornwall. Other locations are available by arrangement.

  • Follow Up

    An optional 1 hour online follow up review session is also available.


Online Only: £295

In Person: £385

Optional 1 hour online follow up: £95

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