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How Transformational Life Coaching Can Help Mindset and Motivation

Change is inevitable for all of us. Life isn’t static, although it might have felt like it came to a standstill during 2020 and the pandemic! But, whatever the reason for change what’s important is how you respond to it. Having the right mindset and motivation can significantly influence the outcome.

When a New Beginning Calls

Most of us at some point will think about making positive life change, and during the pandemic many of have . So, whether it’s a ‘fresh start’,  ‘new beginning’,  ‘starting over’ or ‘moving forward’ toward a new life, it’s essentially about transformation. Importantly, transformation is in this sense enabling you to flourish and live your life confidently and well.

Reasons to Make a Change

The reasons for making a life change are often varied. Change and new beginnings can manifest in various ways!

Maybe it’s a change you didn’t wish for or want, as the result of health changes or maybe you find yourself at the other side of divorce or redundancy. But it could just as easily be as the result of thinking ‘is this it?’ Whatever the reason, you’re already in the process of transformation, realising that you don’t want your current circumstances to be your present or your future.

Making Change in Your Life: Where do you start?

Creating your own new beginning and making a fresh start can be daunting. Having a positive mindset and motivation for change are essential. So, where do you start?

As a transformational life coach it’s a question I’m often asked.

When you work with me, it’s your opportunity to explore and discover what change looks like for you. What does your new beginning look and and feel like to you. Here are a few questions to think about:

  1. Where do you want or need your new beginning to take you?
  2. What do you need to do to make your life change happen?
  3. Who do you need help from and who are your supporting ‘tribe’?
  4. What might stop you or sabotage your plans (that can include you!)
  5. What’s the motivation for change and are your plans realistic and achievable (remember those SMARTER objectives)?
  6. How do want change to look and feel like at 3, 6 and 9 months?  

Mindset to Move Forward

Positive mindset and motivation are both so important in any plan for change! In your transformational journey, having a positive mindset can help you to visualise where you want to be  and help you weather the challenges, losses and opportunities that crop up along your journey.

But, you know what? Sometimes you need a space to let go and acknowledge the challenges, opportunities and losses that you experience. These can come from many sources including:

  • Moving to a new career or role.
  • Striking out on your own with a new business potentially leaving behind an ‘old’ role and the lifestyle that came with it.
  • Experiencing a change in health or wellbeing. Women are more prone to burn out as they juggle career and home life obligations, and particularly in midlife may start to experience per-menopause and menopause symptoms.
  • The sense of loss in losing someone close or finding relationships with yourself and others is changing.

Even when it’s something that’s positive, you can feel a sense of loss as you adjust to your ‘new life’.

As you make your transformational journey you’ll explore how you can acknowledge where you are, let go of limiting beliefs and move forward to what will be your future that you create.

How can I help you to make the change you want?

Having the right support for you to make the life change that you want or need is important.

My role as your transformational life coach is to help you to identify for yourself the change that you need to make and how to make it.

I use powerful questioning techniques, active listening and a range of reflective, holistic and interactive approaches to enable you to put in place your personal change plan. You can find out more by looking at my Transformational Coaching information page.

Want to talk more? You can book a 30 minute discovery call to talk with me about the changes you want to make and whether life coaching or wellness coaching with me is something that you’d like to do.

Stay well and enjoy the everyday moments.

Rowena x

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