Health Coaching

1-2-1 HEALTH coaching for women

What is health coaching?

You might wonder if there is a difference between a health coaching and wellbeing coaching. Well, yes there is although sometimes the lines may appear a little blurred!

Like a wellbeing coach, life coach or transformational coach one of the key elements is that a person experiencing health coaching is on a journey of change, creating healing and healthy habits to improve health and wellbeing.

Where the role of a health coach usually differs is that the focus is on changing habits that are directly affecting, or could affect a person’s health. Usually this is as a result of being diagnosed with a specific health condition or identified as being at risk of developing it.

What does a health coach do?


Empowering and motivating you to make positive change to how you manage your health.


Additional support for you that complements the support and input from your medical team.


Helping you to achieve the best emotional, physical and spiritual health balance that’s possible for you.

What a health coach offers for each person is tailored to them. It’s usually focused on preventing further ill health, improving your management and understanding of how lifestyle is impacting your current health and steps you can take to help yourself. For example a health coach might work with you for:

  • Weight Management
  • Diabetes Management
  • Blood Pressure Management
  • Stopping Smoking
  • Chronic Pain Management

What Qualifications Does a Health Coach Have?


Experience and qualifications in health and wellbeing.


Experience and training as a coach.


Member of a professional body.

Qualification as a health coach is an emerging area of expertise, and is as yet not wholly regulated globally. That said, here in the UK, progress is being made in ensuring health coaches adhere to relevant professional standards etc. Many health coaches will already have a background in health and wellbeing, with potentially extensive experience in areas such as nursing, nutrition, medicine, or physiotherapy.

What qualifications do I have for health coaching?

I have an extensive background in health and wellbeing, originally training as a nurse. My experience includes cancer care, heart care, and health and wellbeing at work. I’ve also been a a health facilitator and coach for a major research project into older people’s health with Cambridge University. And, I’m also an Animas Accredited Transformational Coach.

As a health coach, Continual Professional Development and self-study are important to me. I’m insatiably curious about how we can all improve our health sustainably and safely, and you’ll often find me reading about latest health research and health trends.

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What should I expect when I work with a health coach?


Creating a shift in health and wellbeing mindset to support your health goals.


Setting long term sustainable health goals. 


Creating positive change for your health in a safe supportive environment.

Working with a health coach is an opportunity to create healing habits for great personal health now and in the future. Working in a safe and supportive environment, you can explore what your current health situation is, what your blocks are to better health and what you can do to dismantle them.

The focus is on you and the positive steps that you can take for long term positive lifestyle change. When you work with me as your health coach we’ll explore:

  • What you need help with and how your current situation is impacting your health.
  • What’s possible for you to achieve and who you need help from to do that.