Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching?

You might wonder if there is a difference between a health coach and a wellness coach. Well, yes there is although sometimes the lines may appear a little blurred!

Like a wellness coach, life coach or transformational coach one of the key elements is that a person experiencing health coaching is on a journey of change and changing negative behaviours for positive.

When Would I Need a Health Coach?

Where the role of a health coach usually differs is that the focus is on changing habits that are directly affecting, or could affect a person’s health and wellbeing.

What’s that mean? Quite often people will work with a health coach when they’ve been diagnosed by a medical professional with a health condition or been advised that their current health puts them at risk of developing a particular condition.

For example, NHS Health Coaches work with people who need to improve the management of their diabetes. Quite often this will involve working in key areas to improve eating habits, increase physical activity and where necessary lose weight.

Are There Other Reasons for Working With a Health Coach?

There are many reasons why you might want to work with a Health Coach, either privately or via the NHS.

Now more than ever people have an interest in maintaining their health and wellbeing. Where possible, people are actively interested in preventing the onset of ill health and disease, or at the least mitigating its effects on their health.

Some of the reasons to work with a health coach
  1. Weight Management
  2. Diabetes Management
  3. Blood Pressure Management
  4. Stopping Smoking
  5. Pain Management
Cancer Coaching

Another specialist area that I work in both as a Health Coach and Wellness Coach is in Cancer Coaching. As more people are diagnosed with cancer so the need for support increases.

With experience in Oncology nursing and personal experience of cancer and cancer caring it’s something that is close to my heart.

When Might I Need a Cancer Coach?

The aim of cancer coaching isn’t to replace or interfere with any of the treatment or support protocols that your medical and nursing team provide. We have an amazing healthcare system for that!

Rather, Cancer Coaching is aimed at complementing what your medical and nursing team do for you. For Cancer Coaching we’ll work closely with you and them. The aim is to help you to achieve the best emotional, physical and spiritual health balance that’s possible for you.

Cancer coaching can be useful at diagnosis, during treatment and importantly following treatment and ‘living with cancer’ or the effects of cancer treatment.

Why Choose Me As Your Health Coach?

As your health coach I’m there to help you to discover how you can move toward improved health and well-being.

I know personally and have seen the evidence for myself that health coaching really does work. So, make no mistake I’m absolutely committed when it comes to helping you on your journey of discovery to good health and wellbeing.

Whether it’s Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching or Transformational Coaching, my personal mission is to inspire and empower you to help yourself. Yes, it can be a challenging journey but it can also be a life enhancing journey that takes you toward improved physical, spiritual and emotional health.

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