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How I Became A Life Coach

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Rowena and I’m a health and wellness coach and transformational life coach.

My Coaching Philosophy

My philosophy is simple. I aim to help and inspire people to learn and discover who they are.
I’m not there to tell you that your life can be perfect and that you can earn 6 figures overnight.
I’m here to help you to find a way to live your life well, to feel confident, to find balance and to flourish and thrive.

People’s stories and their desire to make positive change to their lives, inspires me to do what I do.

My life is all about health and wellness and has been even before wellness became a trend! Having originally trained as a nurse, specialising in cardiology and haematology, I eventually went on to train and specialise in corporate and workplace health and wellbeing.

Truth be told though, I often felt like the proverbial square peg in a round hole working in the large organisations that were part of my life. Don’t get me wrong. I love the camaraderie of working with teams, but for me, my strength is in working 1-2-1 with people and with small teams.

After many years of experience in health and wellness coaching and mentoring, I chose to build on that to train as a Transformational Life Coach. It’s given me the opportunity to be able to grow and develop as a coach and offer my best, always, to the people who choose to work with me.

I have a deep belief that people have the opportunity to make a choice to be as well as they can possibly be, whatever their health may be at the moment. And, I also believe that transformational coaching can help people to make a positive life change.

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5 Reasons to Choose Rowena Wood Coaching
  1. I specialise as a health and wellness coach and I also offer transformational life coaching. I have a holistic style of coaching that focuses wholly on you.
  2. I work exclusively 1-2-1 using powerful questioning and listening techniques that empower you to get to the root of how you want to transform your life.
  3. I’ll help you to create a personal plan to enable you to achieve sustainable results and feel the benefits of improved physical, emotional and spiritual health.
  4. Each programme focuses on awakening your passion and purpose. Empowering you to believe in yourself and transform your life.
  5. Helping you to feel empowered and self-confident is at the heart of how I work and I love to see how you learn and grow through coaching as you awaken your passion, find your purpose and move forward in your personal journey.
Transformation: My Own Story

So, working on the basis that ‘it isn’t what happens to you but how you respond’ as my personal mantra, it was a spinal injury that eventually gave me the opportunity to change direction completely and focus wholly on transformational coaching.

Been there, done that and got the t-shirt several times over…

In other words I’ve been on a similar journey to you when it comes to making your health and wellness a priority. After my spinal injury, I could barely walk. What’s more, I was wholly dependent on my husband and my medical team to get me through each day.

I’ll be honest and say there were some really dark days. My physical, emotional, relationship and financial health were all under immense stress and I couldn’t envisage my future with any positivity. Not a great place to be!

It puts me in a unique position to help you on your own journey to optimum health.

I can help you to leave behind self-limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back and help you to realise your full potential.

In my life I’ve experienced and bounced back from several significant health and life challenges and more recently I’ve also supported my husband through cancer treatment.

But, 5 years ago when I after a spinal injury, I could barely walk and faced almost certain long term significant disability. I couldn’t work and I was utterly and totally dependent on my husband and my medical team to get me through each day. I’ll be honest and say there were some really dark days.

My physical, emotional, relationship and financial health were all under immense stress.

Pardon my language, but I felt like absolute crap and at that point couldn’t see how anyone could look at me without seeing disability and sensing failure. More to the point for the first time ever I couldn’t envisage the future with any positivity. Not a great place to be!

How did I make positive change to my life and rediscover my energy and vitality?

Essentially, I’ve written my own personal 7 steps for optimal health and well-being (and you can too). Here’s what that looks like for me:

  1. Taking micro-steps each day toward a new life and accepting challenges as opportunities as they arrive.
  2. Managing my physical pain without relying on pain medication.
  3. Embracing working from home. Not having to rush in the morning and having time to exercise before the working day starts is amazing. And, cuddles with my dog are fantastic for forgetting pain!
  4. Exercising regularly. Importantly, my exercise regime is safe and works for me and I don’t need to follow exercise trends or fads.
  5. Using skills and knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my career and building on those skills in a new way.
  6. Accepting help when I need it. For example, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now without the help of an amazing support network, including my own transformational life coach.
  7. Realising that change can also bring freedom, and in my case is enabling me to fulfill one of my ‘big dreams’ of living by the sea!
I love helping people to transform their lives – if you’re willing to put in the work then so am I.

Based in Cornwall I work with clients across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, offering transformational coaching online and face to face.

I also offer a range of intensive 1-2-1 coaching options in Cornwall and at other inspiring locations in the UK and Europe.

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