Hi, I'm Rowena
I help women who are tired
of being tired to regain their
energy, passion and focus
and live a life that they love.

A Healthy Happy You One Step at a Time

Learn to Love You and Create Easily Adapted Healthy Habits and Routines to Last a Lifetime.

Welcome, I’m Rowena. I help women like you to beat fatigue and banish burnout, creating lifelong, easily adopted healthy habits and routines, so that you can have time for you and regain your energy, passion and focus to live a healthy, happy life.

Self-Compassion and Kindness

Are you tired of feeling tired? Are you tired of not feeling energised and happy, motivated or fulfilled?

Do you put time aside regularly for you? In the pursuit of building your career, supporting your family, and doing the big things in life, it’s easy to forget about taking care of the most important person, you.

Are you tired of feeling tired? Are you tired of not feeling energised, happy, motivated or fulfilled?

Working and living at a high pace all the time can leave you emotionally, physically and spiritually tired and exhausted or well on your way to it.  all of that naturally comes with an expectation to consistently perform at a high level.

In all that it’s easy to forget about taking care of you, and before you know it you’re tired, exhausted or well on your way to it.


Can you relate to being tired all the time and always putting others before you? Yes? Fantastic!

You’re taking your first step toward healing, recognising that you’re ready to start your journey of self-discovery. It’s a journey that will enable you to unlearn habits that leave you permanently tired and learn the habits that will bring positive change that feels right for you.

I’m here to help and support you during that journey and to help you reset, recharge and refocus on being kind to yourself and taking back control of your life, of what you do and when you do it.

As your health and wellbeing coach I’ll work with you 1-2-1 so that you can get clarity and perspective on creating your own personal strategies and healing habits, so that you can reclaim and rebalance your health, re-igniting your vitality and passion for what you do, one step at a time.

I also offer bespoke 1-2-1 health and wellbeing coaching, tailored to help and support you if you are experiencing chronic pain, anxiety or fatigue as a result of the effects from a long term health condition.

“Rowena is understanding and a really good listener. She has really helped me to rethink my business and wellbeing choices.
Her questioning technique has made me realise I want to take a month off per year and has helped me take the steps to plan for this, as well as make business decisions that leave me less exhausted and that allow me to spend more time with my loved ones.
I’d definitely recommend her coaching.”



“Rowena’s excellent coaching provided the tools to reflect, review and plan in a safe environment.  The pre-work ensures that you are fully engaged with the process and she gently takes you on a journey which is about you, of self-reflection and really analysing who you are and what is important to you.  By going through this she then helps you establish a plan with clear goals and actions.  Like anything you get out of it what you put in! I felt very comfortable opening up to Rowena who put me at ease and really helped me work out what was important to me.”



“I would recommend working with Rowena to everyone.
She’s a very experienced and talented coach with a broad range of skills and great insights both as a business and as a wellness coach. With warmth and engagement she guides you through difficult situations and life changes without pressure but with clarity.
For companies who need to look at their work related wellness and rehabilitation processes as well as for an individual who wants to find the right direction in their professional or personal development, Rowena is the right person in both situations.”



I turned to Rowena when I was out of work and trying to build my business from scratch. She was extremely helpful in clarifying my thoughts and breaking down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions, which helped me (to) be more productive and see “the light at the end of the tunnel”.

The sessions definitely helped me move forward in the vision for my career.
I’m very grateful to have worked with Rowena during a challenging period professionally and highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to transform their career”.



“I have a busy life and like many people I need efficient solutions. I was attracted to Three Steps to Clarity as it sounded like just what I needed (and indeed it was!)…

…The programme was structured yet personalised; pacy but not overwhelming, Rowena is a fount of knowledge and a skilled coach… I found her feedback and questioning helpful and she dealt with my range of issues and queries with calm and confidence… I liked the way Rowena encouraged me to raise my ambitions and look beyond the next few months.  I came in search of answers and left with a clearer idea of next steps. I enjoyed the session and found Rowena warm and professional to work with and I’d recommend 3 Steps to Clarity to anyone at a crossroads or looking for a change of direction.”



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